Together we can have a stronger impact

We have partners all across the globe who help us raise awareness and funds for our activities. Click on the logos below for more information about our partners.


SINGA creates opportunities for refugees and their host communities to meet and cooperate. They aim to build bridges between people, encouraging dialogue and creating job opportunities. SINGA contributes to the development of Imece and recently Imece France was integrated into its 2021 project incubator.

Khalsa Aid is a UK based international NGO which provides humanitarian aid in disaster areas and civil conflict zones around the world.  The organisation is based upon the Sikh principle of “Recognise the whole human race as one”. Khalsa Aid supports Imece enormously through the distribution of hygiene products, tents and food to meet the needs of refugees.

The Foundation Managers without Borders is a non profit organisation, which fights against poverty through economical competence. They have helped Imece with the development of our projects, particularly the Solar Age project. 

Permaculture for Refugees is an international working group of permaculture teachers committed to bring permaculture to displaced people. They teach and train refugees as well as educating them to teach and train each other. In March 2018 Permaculture for refugees gave us a Permaculture Design course for refugee women and staff, with the presence of Rosemary Morrow, a pioneer in the field.
Barefoot College is a woman-centered, global network dedicated to sustainable development in every community where poverty exists. We partner with them through their Solar Programme and it was Barefoot that inspired us to developed our own solar project. Both of our solar teachers have been to India to participate in the Barefoot College programme, enabeling them to teach groups of refugee women and develop and produce our solar phone charger and SOS light.
3 Musketiere is a humanitarian NGO aimed at helping refugees by providing them food and essential goods. In 2021, 3 Musketiere has supported us financially allowing us to make numerous distributions in the refugee camps.
LandsAid is a German NGO that focuses on delivering primary medical care to those in need, as a result of a natural disaster or an armed conflict. LandsAid has helped us financially to make distributions of hygiene products, tents and food to meet the needs of refugees.
Nahla is an organization seeking to empower women through education. Nahla partners with Imece and enables women to be trained in solar engineering at our Solar Project . The goal of this partnership is to reproduce the idea of the our Solar Age project in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Give life-changing support

Whether it’s time, expertise, donations or just sharing our message, your support means the world to us! As a grassroots NGO even the smallest contribution plays a huge role in the success of our projects.


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