Do your part to help those in need

Every single contribution directly affects what we can achieve and has the potential to radically impact someone’s life.

We rely on your generosity

Everything we do is determined by the generosity of our donors. By sending us a donation you’re directly funding the costs of our programs and impacting the lives of people fighting for survival every single day.

Consider a monthly donation

The hardest part of running a small NGO is forward planning without a regular cashflow. If we have a low donation month or a grant falls through, we’re at a standstill. By setting up a monthly donation (no matter the size) you’re giving us the gift of a reliable bank balance meaning we can run our programs with consistency.

What can your donation do?

€5/month pays for school supplies (stationery, books) for the children of the “Back to School” program

€15/month pays for 2 food packs for displaced families (=22kg food supplies)

€50/month partially covers the salary of a “Solar Age” program teacher

How to Make a Donation?

You can easily donate by Paypal without creating an account, or through Tipee.

If you are in Turkey, France or Germany, you can contact us to make a direct bank transfer to one of our charity registered accounts

The Imece France organisation can offer donation receipts for private donors and companies. This allows you to be eligible to receive a tax refund from 60% to 66%. Do not hesitate to contact us at in order to obtain your donation receipt.

Monthly Donation

You can choose any amount and it will be automatically deducted from your card on the same day every month. You may choose to stop these regular donations at any time.

One time Donation

You can choose any amount and it will be deducted from your card one time only. We do not store your payment details.

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