Volunteers are the driving force of Imece

Do you have time or skills that could benefit our volunteer team? Get in touch with our volunteer coordinator for more information on vacancies.

Do you want to join the action?

Volunteers are the driving force of Imece and we would really benefit from your help.

We have a variety of projects that you would be involved in during your stay with us:

Solar Age Project – Introduced in 2018 in partnership with Barefoot College in India. We invite immigrant women to our village to learn about solar energy systems and electrical engineeringy. By teaching them a valuable trade skill, we empower them, giving them the oportunity to find a stable income and become financially independent. 

Goods distribution – We pack and distribute basic necessity goods to unofficial refugee settlements throughout the İzmir region. As these settlements are unofficial other charities do not visit them so this is an important part of our programme. Distribution is a necessity but not a solution which is why we also focus on empowerment through our Solar Age Programme.

Education – We provide a mobile education program to the children living in these settlements as most of them are unable to attend school. We provide various activities that teach them basic mathematics, Turkish language skills and school etiquette. These workshops will benefit them, as well as helping them intergrate when they do have a chance to join a school. For those that do attend school, we provide support for their families act as a liaison between their families and the local authorities to ensure that they can continue their education.

The help of volunteers is vital to our progress, see below how you can get in touch.

Do you want to come and volunteer with Imece in Turkey? Please send your CV and the dates you want to come at volunteers@imeceglobal.org

If you want to participate in our actions from your home, you can volunteer with Imece France or Imece Germany. Please contact us at volunteers@imeceglobal.org

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