Imece Village Concept

An act of solidarity and community

A place for people who want to live a meaningful life and bring benefit to others. Here we live together in shared mindset and purpose.

Bringing people together

We established the first Imece Village in 2017 on a block of land just outside of the small coastal town of Cesme, Turkey. The village was designed to be a place for staff, volunteers and our beneficiaries to come together. Staff and volunteers live on site and are responsible for the building, maintenance and growth of the land. Our team worked together to build living and communal spaces and cultivate the land to grow our food.

Living our values

The village is a sanctuary, a place of equality, with freedom from any kind of segregation or discrimination. A fair and just community-based living environment where we sustain ourselves, take only what we need and pass on any excess. A place to heal, grow and give back to others and of course the land. We incorporate sustainable and eco-friendly practices wherever possible. We also host our education programs and Solar Age program here. Refugee women and their children live at the village during our extended courses giving them a welcome reprieve from camp life and the opportunity to be part of the community. We see the village as an information hub and a place to facilitate impactful positive change.

We’re on the move!

Our lease at the village site is ending in March 2021 so we’re moving to a new location! We’re taking everything we’ve learnt from three years in the village and applying it to the bigger and better Village 2.0. Our current plan is to move to a temporary site while we find the perfect piece of land and plan for a larger and improved site. Because we are determined not to rush the process or make sacrifices we understand it will require a large investment of time, money and skilled planning and labour. We have an incredible team of architects and permaculture specialists working now on a rudimentary plan for our new site and will soon be looking for volunteers who want to get stuck into the new build.

Join the village

If you think living as part of a community with a shared passion for helping others sounds like you then we’d love to hear from you. We value integrity, hard work and an uncomprimising desire to make leave a positive mark on the world. Check out our volunteer page for more information.

Empathy makes us human