The Solar Age Project

A sustainable approach to energy and empowerment

The Solar Age Program aims to two tackle two of the world’s greatest problems; the global environmental crisis and the empowerment and the financial independence of vulnerable women. 

Recognising a problem

The vast majority of Turkey’s refugees are women and children and a large proportion of them have no income. With these people often being single mothers, economic independence is a struggle. We recognised the need for practical, employable skills and began work on a program to open a new door for refugee women​​.

Inspired by India

Inspired by the Barefoot College of India, in 2018, we developed a program that hosts refugee women and their children at the Imece Village for courses in Solar Engineering. While the women are in classes learning about solar energy systems and electrical engineering their children engage in educational play with our team of international volunteers.

Lifelong skills and financial autonomy

The program provides the participating women with transferable skills as well a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Not only is this conducive to general wellbeing but these skills, along with their time spent in the village with our international community, bode well for integration into society here in Turkey or other European nations.

Turning skills into income

Now, we hear you say, renewable energy and solar engineering is great and all but is this a practical skill to have? With work permits difficult to gain and with so many systemic and cultural barriers to paid employment we needed to provide a way to turn these skills into money. That’s why the Solar Age Programme runs in tandem with Energy For Everyone or “EFE” as we like to call it.

Give life-changing support

Whether it’s time, expertise, donations or just sharing our message, your support means the world to us! As a grassroots NGO even the smallest contribution plays a huge role in the sucess of our projects.

Empathy makes us human