Energy For Everyone “EFE”

Supplying light and connection to the world

Designed to provide an SOS light and phone charger to displaced people making deadly land and sea crossings, the EFE now powers so much more.

A life-saving device

Millions of displaced people have made perilous land and sea crossings since the start of the refugee crisis and many more are still making these life-threatening journeys every day. The EFE was designed with these trips in mind. It is a portable powerbank rechargable via standard plug-in electricity or solar energy and features two strong LED lights. Having a portable source of energy means mobile phones can be charged at any time to facilitate life-saving communication and the light provides an SOS signal if necessary.

Life in the camps and beyond

Since the first model of EFE was produced and distributed in 2019, they have been used in many different ways. Used in the refugee settlements as a light source to cook under or for children to do school work, they are also used daily by our management team and even by ex-volunteers on camping and hiking trips.

A good income for the Solar Ladies

The vast majority of refugees in Turkey are women and children. For single mothers in particular, economic independence is a daily struggle. After graduating from the Solar Age programme, our trainees can choose to work with us and build EFE solar power banks. 10% of the profits go directly to the women building it and the entire remainder goes to finance the Solar Age program and other educational activities of Imece.

EFE 2.0 incoming

We have learned from the initial EFE design and are making improvements to a second iteration. The EFE 2.0 is in testing and will enter production as soon as its certifications are finalised. The EFE will be available for individual purchase and for stockists to purchase as a wholesale product in stores. There will also be the option to purchase an EFE to gift to a refugee or person in need.

Empathy makes us human