Education Programs

Without education the future is uncertain

Millions of children worldwide either have their education severely disrupted or don’t receive one at all. Access to this basic human right has the ability to change a child’s entire life.

Surviving not thriving

The vulnerable groups we work with have been in crisis mode for years on end, their only focus being on getting through another day, every single day. For the youngest of these groups, they have never known anything but this fight for survival. Research shows when a human being’s basic needs are not met, their ability to grow and learn is severely compromised. When bringing education to the camps we had to consider these children had never had exposure to formal education and that their families often don’t have the time, resources or education themselves to pass on.

Starting with the basics

The initial focus when bringing our mobile education activities to the camps was teaching the children basic life skills like hygiene, language and communication skills. We set up activities to show the importance of brushing teeth and washing hands as well as lessons of basic Turkish to communicate in case of emergencies. Psychosocial lessons on how to interact with others without anger and aggression were also built into play activities which opened discussion of controling negative feelings while playing with peers.

Back to school

As a provision of Turkey’s Temporary Protection Regulation refugee children are legally entitled to enter state education but many factors act as barriers to this becoming a reality. The first being the need for a basic level of Turkish comprehension. In order to enter formal schooling and also participate in everyday life, being able to communicate is paramount. The Back to School Programme provides lessons in reading, writing and basic maths and science. Further to the lessons themselves the children learn to sit and focus for extended periods and unfamiliar school appropriate etiquette like taking instruction from a teacher and allowing others a turn to speak.

Let’s talk about it

Women’s health and particularly women’s sexual health, cultural differences aside, is a topic critically under represented globally despite its ability to negatively impact entire communities. The right to understand one’s own physiology and reproductive health is a basic human right. In providing women with knowledge of their unique health needs they’re then able to make informed decisions about how they care for themselves, if or when they choose to bear children and how they care for those children. In addition to learning about menstural hygiene and contraception options, it’s crucial for women to understand the legal rights they also have. A small step we can make to help fight gender based violence is to educate women on their rights and what they need not tolerate in regards to harassment and violence.

Give life-changing support

Whether it’s time, expertise, donations or just sharing our message, your support means the world to us! As a grassroots NGO even the smallest contribution plays a huge role in the sucess of our projects.

Empathy makes us human