Emergency Aid Distribution

Providing resources for daily survival

The reality of daily life in Turkey’s unofficial settlements is difficult to grasp without witnessing it first-hand

Turkey hosts the most refugees in the world

Turkey hosts the most refugees in the world – There are an estimated 3.8 million refugees currently residing in Turkey who are not living in official refugee camps. The vast majority are from Syria and are under the temporary protection status. They can access Turkish public services (hospital, schools, etc.) in the province they registered in, but not outside of it.

Imece works with numerous displaced communities who have moved from their initial province of registration. It is often impossible for them to re register, particularly with little knowledge of Turkish language, administrative procedures, and illiteracy, therefore they are unable to access public health and education services.

Mud floors and no sanitation

The unofficial refugee camps are made up of basic tent structures built on dirt floors with no protection from the weather. These settlements are up to six years old and many tents are severely damaged. There is often nothing in the way of clean running water, waste management or electricity. Small stoves are used inside the tents for cooking and heating in the winter. In winter, temperatures drop below zero and heavy rainfall turns the campsites to mud. It is impossible to keep the tents dry and clean and this raises serious health concerns for the refugee residents.

Providing basic items save that lives

Since 2015 we have been distributing life-saving items to the unofficial camps of the Izmir area. While we would like to move beyond this emergency response style of aid the need is just too great to stop. We receive donations of items such as stoves, rain boots, tent water-proofing and hygiene supplies from organisations and individuals. We also maintain continual communication with residents so we can assess needs as they arise and use donated funds to purchase urgent supplies.

Their only hope

Residents of the unofficial refugee camps are at the mercy of local Turkish people and grassroots organisations like Imece for basic items like clothes, blankets and personal hygiene products.

Give life-changing support

A large portion of our donations go towards sourcing items for camp distribution as needs arrise. Take a look at our support options to see the difference a monthly donation could make.

Or if you’d like to donate your time to joining our volunteer team, see if you’d be a good candidate.

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