Warming Hearts Knitting

Bringing warmth to the camps’ smallest residents

Knitters from all over the world use their skills to produce warm woolen clothing for children in the winter months and we make sure they get to those who need them most.

50% of the world’s refugees are children

Winters in Turkey can be harsh and most nights in winter the Izmir region reaches sub-zero temperatures. It’s not uncommon to see babies and children in the settlements in ill-fitting clothing that is not appropriate for the cold. Unlike adults, babies are unable to regulate their body temperature so require layers of warm, dry clothing at all times. Wool is an ideal material for baby clothes as it’s warm and insulating.

Mobilizing the knitters

The 2020 lockdown saw knitters knitting more than ever with nowhere for their items to go. It was the quick thinking of our incredible Imece partners who decided to put a call out online for baby and children’s clothing as we entered a very cold winter. We asked and the knitters answered! To date we have received knitting from several countries across Europe and plan to keep this project running ongoing.

Would you like to contribute?

If you’re a knitter or part of a club and would like to contribute clothing to keep children warm then we would love to receive it. We have collection stations in the UK, France and Germany you can post your items to or if you would like to post them directly to Turkey that’s even better. For more information on current needs, details on what we can and can’t accept and where to send knitting please send us an email.

Give life-changing support

Whether it’s time, expertise, donations or just sharing our message, your support means the world to us! As a grassroots NGO even the smallest contribution plays a huge role in the sucess of our projects.

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