Imece France

Imece France

established in 2019

The members of Imece France both support the activities of Imece Turkey and develop their own programs geared towards improving the lives of local groups.

Since 2019

Imece France was created in November 2019 to share the goals of Imece in Europe and develop its own activities in France. It aims to support Imece in Turkey and run activities in France embodying the Imece principals of solidarity, social and environmental awareness. It is based in Lorient, Bretagne.

Spreading the Imece way

2020 was spent strengthening the organisational structure and network while 2021 will be about action. Imece France plans to open trainings for solar engineering, permaculture and other sustainable practices particularly for vulnerable groups in France. The aim of these educational projects is to bring awareness to the social and environmental issues plaguing our planet and give people tools to become self-sustaining.

Registration number (SIRET): 877 970 053 00014

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